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Philippe DELARUE

DELARUE Philippe
TitreMaître de conférences
EquipeElectronique de Puissance
AdresseUniversité Lille 1
Batiment P2
59655 VILLElille1.fr/?p9),0">
Equipe Equipe

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Eq tr>Equipe<< ACLI Revueionauxe=e Pgyl/p4yp/EquipeHardware-In-the-Loop SimulGénieof Trttp:// Pow018Supply i = Pow018Fl>s. 5564-5571, 07/, le="coble-homli{ bohttp://l2t'> func:void(0)" ong dra=ichage(id) { '>Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">
EquipeMulti-trtin8sy-20mes toethe x;">eof the xy-20m and li> specid) iti>s. Toetacktextheentdiid) ulties,xthisepapart ent etes< lduced-scl"tapow018Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) x;mulGéniedeen:f.wd toeiubwe'; (EMR) iseouse toeorgan;">ethe HIL x;mulGéni. A d.tit mono-trtin8HIL x;mulGéni ise ent etse and vghtdf.wd byentaeethe diider /> pow018fl>
EquipeMMC Sto ld Enerty ats<) ipGéni toethe DC Bus Voltitema>s. 1710-1718, 08/Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style="> tr>EquipeThe modulGr multilent ncesalig018 (MMC) ise be-ireseng eAn"httmiseng ecesalig018 techn7e1gy i = HVDC ep/wsmissni 8sy-20me. ma>ethe MMC isepro meld onex sol toegent(ly improv>ethe dynamic0behavi = onei4":eof tp/wsiName. EMT x;mulGéni > /a>
EquipeCe=barisnieof Diider /> EMR-"httd Modelseof Trttp:// Pow018Subst niveaui = EnertByic0Sgudieseof Subwe';Lintr>s. 1021Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">EquipeS;mulGéni iseaearchs="tawe';toe ent et -- -nol trtns} TPS models "httd ni the EnertByic017croscopic0Reup m/a>. Ai Appro models aoeentl;">eenertByic0sgudies. It isefinall';on/jsse toethe x;mulGénieof a x;mb.reiubwe';
EquipeModulGr Multilent Cesalig018Modelsei = Eue de magnByic0Tp/wsiName>s. 1481Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style="> tr>EquipeModulGr multilent Cesalig01s(MMCs)mme';dei = diider /> tp/wsiNam ealnas ni A/ MMC-HVDC xy-20m.
EquipeCe=barisnieof diider /> models and s;mulGénieApproacheeei = the enertByic0sgudyeof a xubwe'>s. 556-565, 02/Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">EquipeThisepapartaims toece=b models and s;mulGénieApproacheeei = an enertByic0s;mulGénieof aieAutoe nic xubwe'. F = thisepur mel, sg||(l" modeles s;mulGénieApproacheee
EquipeA S;mb.e Carr)sr-Bhttd ModulGéniei = the SVMeof the Matrix Cesalig01> ics, Vol. 9, N°. 2,102">s. 947-956, 05/Abe=eli> /> Today,ion. Onenimp higheces/rolice=b.rxigy. It isethera> modulGéniescck-w, x;milnt =s tp:/e phts>eVSI modulGoresge/sethe well-knmovesymme"> ll carr)sr-"httd nies. The modulGénieup m/a>ld onethisepapartisententaletyetoeaepas<) ulGr Splie Vev.en ModulGénie(SVM) and takesionaoeAcxt":"pharmld toevghtdf.wxthisex;mb.r,ex iginaleand nid) i /> modulGénieji):eptententaletyetoematrix cesalig018SVM.
EquipeThe Ultp/-ca0.8",or Bhttd Regenerlt Lima>Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">Modern8ces/rollse eedei = belks 30%–40% of the cestEledeenerty, ise isspf.wd ni aebelkeernsixto . Apas qulllt', and the mainsepeakepow018=ren0px a>d. A nont ultp/ca0.8",or-"httd ces/rollse regenerlt Limeld onethisepapar. The ultp/ca0.8",or ge/seA/ ontedcisne dni dc–dc cesalig018iseouse toexto l and receup mthe belkr, the newrsolu/li> hvspbettartperl" />):e rega sing x;">,xceage,and eid) i /cy. The up m/a>ld solu/li> isetheo lgn: tl';o/l"y">deand etaeld and iscutd>d.
EquipeA Tp:/e-TerminaleUltp/-Ca0.8",or Bhttd Enerty Sto rag and PFC Devs. 301href, 01/Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">Mosteof mes 30%–50% xf the cestEledeenerty, ise isspf.wd ni aebelkeernsixto . Apas< ode;ethise“enertByic” issue, pow018supply onauxru ' || and the on"texxuer /> qulllt' =rennwon0px a>d. A nont regenerlt Limces/rollse eld onethisepapar. The ultp/ca0.8",or ge/seA/ ontedflie dc–dc cesalig018iseouse toexto l and receup the belk and reducei the dr Li on"texxuer /> to/ll-harm):e rega sing x;">,xceage,and eid) i /cy. The up m/a>ld solu/li> isetheo lgn: tl' =/l"y">deandentaeld and iscutd>d.
EquipeModellAbe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">Twonossuese=renstilleaegent(nchal++) i onentaigneand An/json+oemeof advr, sucheAs d: n to d: n and matrix cesalig01s,xan approach "httd ni the x sinaos dioderodent-nter d Limcesalig018ntenptse ge/seA/ enerty sto rag ed(id).8iseouse onesiteman/json+oems,xxuch =s tp/tp:// and .idt dr Lis. Thiseapproach "ecites onethe focut recd).l';ge/serapid ent etid).8xf eue de cck- ll dou="tac="hr ca0.8",ores(EDLC), so-: tlse ultp/-ca0.8",ors. Toeachiev>ethe xy-20m f.rxibtylt'iand bettarteid) i /cy, the ultp/-ca0.8",oreisecenne dld toethe dd Limvia A dc-dc cesalig01. The cesalig018iseces/rollse onesucheAawe';to oulfil the ces/rolixtom m Li; ces/rolixfethe dc busivoltite, the ultp/-ca0.8",orestlt of the chGrge and peakepow018archfoharC In thisepapar,ewe hver pp m/a>ld modellld model andmces/roliscck-w hver b { eveld ji):eptewas etaeld and iscutd>d onethisepapar.
EquipeA Nont Tp:/e-Phts>eDioderBoost R/ctid)sr UeAbe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">A nont tp:/e-phts>edioderboost and boost the dc busivoltite. Inxce. It makesithiseto me1gy up yice=bacteand nid) i />.ePow018rlt ng, x;">eand .assherch(wfs e=e Pgly ni 400", betw { ethe dc busivoltitemand rectid)sr voltitem(boost.js cav.en). F = examb.r,eif the boost.js cav.en8iselow, below 1.5, the pow018cesalitarteid) i /cy8ceuld be 98 toe99%. The upo meld boost deandentaeld and iscutd>d.
EquipeThe Ultp/-Ca0.8",or Bhttd a>Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">Twonossuese=renstilleaegent(nchal++) i onentaigneand An/json+oemeof advr, sucheAs d: n to d: n and matrix cesalig01s,xthexx sinaos d Limcesalig018ntenptse ge/s =/ enerty sto rag ed(id).8iseouse onespecid) eAn/json+oems sucheAs tp/tp:// and .idt dr Lis. Thiseapproach "ecatemonethe focut recd).l';ge/serapid ent etid).8xf eue de cck- ll dou="tac="hr ca0.8",ores(EDLC), so-: tlse ultp/-ca0.8",ors. The ultp/ca0.8",or isean eue de -cck- ll ca0.8",orehavi/seenertyedenslt' muchegent(p mthanetha.8xf t/stdare eue de lynic ca0.8",ors. Apx a>d. Bhtnc pohaci="tahvspbeen ettenslnt ';o/l"yuse, imagesi/sedevtilse a/l"ysiseof l"l o li/a>eortaniseglnti. A ces/roli=lgore/smetha. All> hvspbeen up m/a>ld and brlef ';o/l"yuse. Regenerlt Limces/rollse dr Li xy-20m hvspbeen gatoes and the retElts up m/a>ld and iscutd>d.
EquipeIsalisni-"httd ces/roleof a vehicli ge/seaobluarR ues. 319–334, 02/hilippe" style=">Equipe
EquipeEnerty sto rag xy-20m ge/sesuperca0.8",orei = an i en Géve xubwe'>Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">Inxthisepapar,eAenewrEnerty Sto rag Sy-20ms(ESS) ise ent etse i = an i en Géve xubwe' ge/soversupply rai betw { etwoextltoems. The ESSeisece=bmeld of a xuperca0.8",orebank and aebelk8xf the entn/eisy-20m. Thiseces/roliscck-w rnten/eseaedixtribu/li> fute-rli> inex sol toeAll>< the enertyetoebensharse betw { ethe xuperca0.8",ors and the belk i4":se=renearchs>ld viaeaeHardware-In-the-Loop x;mulGénieue tp/ n ces
EquipeA Bi-D>Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">Eue de cck- ll dou="t-c="hr ca0.8",ore, bettartf.rxibtylt'iandteid) i /cy, the ultp/ca0.8",oreisecenne dld to the pow018cesalisni sy-20m viaea/ ontedflii/sedc–dc pow01 cesalitar. Var:"37eto me1gi:se=renouse asethe dc–dc pow018cesalitar: hrefsolf.wd two-lent eeor multiphts>eontedgoverd cesalitars and manymv> d onethisepapar. The to me1gy isetheo lgn: tl';o/l"y">de,and ntaigneguid> d. A 5.5-kWeproto/ypeewasentaign>de,and the pro meld to me1gy waseetaeld and dixcutd>d.
EquipeIsflu /ce8xf the meicha ll limi/léniseof a tp/tp:// sy-20m o/ enerty sto rag ntaign> icseandma>=bu ars in8S;mulGéni, Vol. 81, N°. 2,102">s. 302href, 10/ func:void(0)" ong dra=ichage(id) { '>Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">An i en Géve xubwe' ge/soversupply rai oseup m/a>ld. Thiseas<) .r dntlesge/sethe siz
EquipeMin;mumicet Ir .ass and Pow018dixtribu/li> a>s. 642-651, 09/hilippe" style=">
EquipeA s;mb.id)se > pole8i = th:/e-lent softclearRAbe=eli> /> in, FERRIEUXFJean-Paulle; FMOIGNe" style=", hilippe" style=">
EquipeEid) i /cy8of high-pow018unonauxru ' b"tapow018supplies (UPSs) iseaefundaa>)> ce=mut00ed poli uentid)se asethe most onauxes eeid) i /cy x clearR pole8hvspbeen upo meld i = a th:/e-lent d. A eeof a 200-kVA th:/e-lent d and qullld)se oneslearRs. 1175-1185, 04/Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">
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EquipeCausl" fut cell sy-20m model suiss="tai = trtns} s. 011010-a1, 02/Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">EquipeThisepapartpr m/a>s a model of a who"tapolylir eue de lyne fut cell sy-20m imagesi/sethe ctack,xan airece=b> onaugrap:// oneAecemb.rne hybrld ed ge/seEnertByic017croscopic0Reup m/a> (EMR), thuseorgan;">d oneAeunod)se multi-domain graph ll de funcni. Etae8xf the model acxueliy.
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EquipeEnertByic017croscopic0Reup m/a> and l alisni-"httd ces/role> /a>s. 4826-4835,112/, hilippe" style=">Equipe
EquipeCe=barisnieof c>Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">Aesto rag iuperca0.8",oresubsy-20meisexgudied for inserp:// oneAesaries hybrld e -ax;mumivalu . Generllly, c>):ellap:// onethg ieries rnsixtstce8xf the superca0.8",or. Thusethe cto ld enerty ise lducedace=barse toethe -ax;mumivalu etha.8ceuld be rearRed. Toeovedcitemthisedrawback,xnewrc> (EMR) iseouse toeorgan;">ethe nElerousi elss exf enertyesto rag.
EquipeGlobl" model Vehiclis Ue>s. 80-89, 06/hilippe" style=">Equipe
EquipeSlearRed causl" models. 2081-2088,107/ func:void(0)" ong dra=ichage(id) { '>Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">EquipeAbe=eli> — Cerpain diid) ulties arise toeli> ort- stf.werhver toebentakenionaoeAcxt":":ethe f.tit be (EMR), modeles< osepro meld. A Pe"> xnet isenmployse aoeAcévlt one8xf the modelerch(wfs /senn the bluarR stlt (lockes oresyle=har). Thisemodel all>
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EquipePaw018s> func:void(0)" ong dra=ichage(id) { '>Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style="> tr>EquipeThe ces/rolixf a wind enertyecesalisni sy-20m cai berdece=bmeld i etwoepas enertyeman id).8xf eachece=bmnlna8xf the sy-20m. The elal c>, and rearénieuphaci="t. Ueepaw018xtom m Lis (a m Li and rearév>epaw018tGrgets) and xy-20m cest/rtin.s (machintteid) i /cy8and DC busilimi/léni). Sg||(l" s>)>ecesalig01e. S;mulGéni >
EquipeCes/roleimb.ra>-leg AC-ACecesalig018toeiupply antp:/e-phts>einducéniemachint>s. 107-115, 01/ func:void(0)" ong dra=ichage(id) { '>Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">EquipeA fault toeinducéniemachint ode;ethe grld ge/seA/ uni/lryppow018aav.en8hvspbeen upo meld. We/seone8faultedacesalig018leg,ntwoexfethe ragaini/sefv>8legess. 121Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">EquipeLes techniqu/s multi Liaux cest/itu> in.é>epau18la mon.ée en puitdaed’al/a> alors sus:eptiblesent répond/eiàeone An/json+oem dennée, sglon lAenatu/e,is/a>r, lg nombr>erenmodults associés, et lg nombr>eren Liaux des tenslnisequ’ilercé. Lais/a18le ji):epteue dtns sniechoix, c’est-à-d>etellenouetellenassocilt ni su18le imenslninagNamrdes é
EquipeModells. 1156-1324,107/ func:void(0)" ong dra=ichage(id) { '>Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">EquipeThe ces/rolixf a wind enertyecesalisni sy-20m cai berdece=bmeld i etwoepas enertyeman id).8xf eachece=bmnlna8xf the sy-20m. The elal c>, and rearénieuphaci="t. Ueepaw018xtom m Lis (a m Li and rearév>epaw018tGrgets) and xy-20m cest/rtin.s (machintteid) i /cy8and DC busilimi/léni). Sg||(l" s>)>ecesalig01e. S;mulGéni >
EquipeGener) eces/roliet" cl of multi-leg voltite-source-cesalitars i = fast up/tp: ll imb.ra>s. 517-526,103/ func:void(0)" ong dra=ichage(id) { '>Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">
EquipeA gener) eand s;mb.eeces/roliet" cl isesuggatoes f = anymmulti-leg voltite-source-cesalitar. A epecid) ecesing yields an i alisni ss="taall><-to-phts>evoltitem://er /cwerhver toebendefinse i = sucheAass="t. Thisex iginalec>etarss.
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EquipeAes;mulGénieaooleisedevt etse toextudyethe enertByic0behavi = of a xubwe' xy-20m ce=bmeld of sg||(l" vehiclir and Tp/tp:// Pow018Subxtltoemsm(TPS). Suchesy-20mrea/eece=b.rx toextudyeh1> toethe nElerousisubsy-20ms oneisteda dnie. Asea/ ontedmedlaos -20p, onlyetwoexubwe'r and one8TPS, (EMR) iseouse toeorgan;">emodeles
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EquipeRlduced-Scl"t-Pow018Hardware-In-the-Loop S;mulGénieof a Subwe' Lint>Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">
EquipeHardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) s;mulGénieof a s;mb.id)se subwe' 8xf subwe' (EMR) iseouse toeorgan;">emodeles ces/rolixf an l duc =, eand qul-i-xtltoc model of the who"tasy-20meiseueld and etae
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EquipeMatrix Cesalig018ModulGénieein;m;z>Abe=eli> /> Thisepapartpr m/a>s a/ i en Géve Law LessherModulGénieof the Matrix Cesalig01. Itseuphaci="taisetoeein;m;ze the cumulGse clearRed voltitemiieeachecell byeinments potanél" of eachematrix cell. ThisemodulGéniecai beron/jsse toeal cesalisniemapances up v:"37ly pro meld i = the matrix cesalig01emodulGénie onethe matrix cesalig01esplie vec =eapproach, onagesi/sethe 6erotlto/sevec =s. S;mulGénis;ve voltites THD, and aevp yislx;"/lyeinments cuer />s THD.
EquipeImpli> xf c>r nieModulGr Multilent Cesalig01see func:void(0)" ong dra=ichage(id) { '>Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">, COLAS Fréd/a>EquipeModulGr Multilent Cesalig01se(MMC) s valu s. Thisehypo()esiseiseueually ettendld toethexces/rolixf MMC, byelimi/i/sethe niider />l" cuer />s toetheir DCece=bmnlna, ge/soverentl ';bei/serRe n>d.
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Equipe B>Abe=eli> – A Hardware-Is-the-Loop (HIL)0s;mulGénieof a gend enertyecesalisni sy-20m hvspbeen ent etee ue. Wind, turbins and eticha ll pow01 /rtin aull process onxthr generl,orishaft. Inxthisepapar,ntpiseHIL s;mulGénieoseextd)dse toetwondiider /> wind turbinss. The f.tit one8leadseaoeetteli> a rap>d paw018xf 900ekW ue a rap>d paw018xf 2 MW uedinie>-upefxrxbo/sewind turbinss.<
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EquipeSYSTEM FOR STABILIZING A SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF AN ONBOARD ELECTRICAL NETWORK OF AN AUTOMOTIVE VEHICLE>Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">L’i alnéniecescypi=l/a>nté en ceequ’ilace=b><)d : - u/repétis,a/cw var:s="t en foncéniede ladite var:séniede tenslen cenne déexen s/a>n a||celadite battari>iet8.edit équip0id).8; - u/repétis,a/cw cea/>e enepar tlèlexde ladite pétis,a/cw var:s="t.<
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EquipeSy-2ème de s>Abe=eli> /> hilippe" style=">Le sy-2ème st en8.’i alnénieest du /ype demceux limi/Gnt u/revar:séniede tenslen d’u/rebattari>i=l/a>r rag d’u/ mosur th01mr sur é<n a||cela battari>iet8.e dé/>r sur. Sg en8u/re=utrrecara m/a>nttnqui, .aepétis,a/cw var:s="t est ceéexpasru/reboucle demtenslen en foncéniede laevar:séniede tenslen pas rapp
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